Two Game Sevens in Two Days

**If you are looking for the vlogs, you can check them out on HockeyBuzz. Link to Dallas Vlog is right here. Link to San Jose Vlog is right here.**

Hey everyone! I apologize for some of the silence on the airwaves here – I have been focusing a lot of attention on my column at HockeyBuzz. I will still continue to post on here, but until the Stanley Cup Playoffs are over, most of my work will be over there. Also, if you are looking for my vlogs from my game 7 craziness, they will be on HockeyBuzz! The Dallas Vlog is already up – check it out here! I will update this once this San Jose vlog is up.

As the title tells you, I just completed a pretty wild ride of two game sevens in two days. I flew out to Dallas on Wednesday morning, arrived that afternoon, and headed right to American Airlines Center for the game. Unfortunately, it was a pretty lopsided game, and Dallas lost 6-1. Pretty unusual for a game 7. However, I will say that Southern Hospitality is alive and well in Dallas – I met a lot of fun people. At one point, the people next to me were more entertaining than the game itself. The most interesting takeaway for me was the amount of people I met who were not from Dallas. A lot of people there have adopted Dallas as their new team. Despite the loss, the fans stayed classy through the end. Next time, I hope I can stay there a little longer than 14 hours 😉

**Updated** If you are interested in the San Jose vlog, you can check it out here!


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