Good Sports News: Sports Betting with a Purpose

There’s a lot of good out there, and it doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves. In an effort to be a part of the solution, I decided to report on the good that is out there in the world of sports. The Good Sports News clips here are a recap of what I publish on my Snapchat Monday-Thursday. Feel free to join along; you can find me @fisherjillian on all social media platforms!  


Hi All and happy monday! Today’s good sports news is actually about sports betting.

According to the American Gaming Association, they estimate that Americans spend between 100 and 300 billion dollars on illegal sports gambling every year.

So, thats a lot of money. And, while a lot of that probably goes to people actually trying to make money, there is some that is bets between friends.

I mean, even in my fantasy league, a lot of shit talking happens, and additional bets are made. While these are mostly for fun, a company named GoodBookey saw the opportunity to do some good with some of these bets.

Essentially, whenever you make these types of silly bets among friends about major sporting events, you can wager on GoodBookey and whoever loses the bet donates their wager to the winner’s charity of choice.

GoodBookey is an app available both on Adriod and iPhone, and it should be noted that you are not forced to donate – it is only encouraged.

Every little bit counts! Always good to see the ways people are using technology for good! Thank you guys for watching today’s good sports news!


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