Good Sports News: Philadelphia Flyers Charity Helps Build Home

The media landscape so often focuses on the negative side of news. In an effort to be a part of the solution, I decided to report on the good that is out there in the world of sports. So, every Monday – Thursday, I provide the good sports news via Snapchat. What you see here is the recap of my story. Feel free to join along; you can find me @fisherjillian on all social media platforms!


Hi Everybody! Today’s good sports news is from the Philadelphia Flyers. I feel like Flyers fans could use some good news after yesterday’s game.

Throughout the month of January, the Philadelphia Flyers Charity is teaming up with Michael’s Way to renovate the home of patient at the St. Christopher’s Hospitals for Children.

This is a part of the Building Hope for Kids initiative, which is an annual collaboration between the Flyers Charities and Michael’s Way.

The program supports a chronically ill child from a family in need by renovating the child’s house.

Michael’s Way works to improve the lives of children with pediatric cancer and helps support the parents with the financial struggle of pediatric cancer.

The patient this year is seventh month old Syrianna. She was was diagnosed with optic glioma, which presents itself in the form of tumors in her eyes.

They will be remodeling the house to make it more comfortable for the family and her grandparents. The home will be revealed to the family on Sunday February 12th with the Flyers players, coaches, and families.
Here’s to hoping for the best to Syrianna and her family! And that is it for today’s good sports news, thank you guys for watching!

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