Good Sports News: Columbus Blue Jackets Fan Copes with Loss

The media landscape so often focuses on the negative side of news. In an effort to be a part of the solution, I decided to report on the good that is out there in the world of sports. So, every Monday – Thursday, I provide the good sports news via Snapchat. What you see here is the recap of my story. Feel free to join along; you can find me @fisherjillian on all social media platforms!

A touching story of how one Columbus Blue Jackets fan has coped with the loss of his loved one.


Hi All and Happy Tuesday! Today’s good news comes from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

First, I want to say I am sad that their win streak ended. I was rooting for you guys. But around Christmas, a really touching story came out about one of their fans.

As the Blue Jackets were in the thick of their win streak, they were receiving attention from across the league. As such, we get to learn a little more about their fans – both as a group and even some individuals.

One great story was about a diehard fan, John Kennedy, who has been there since the Blue Jackets arrived in Columbus and the empty seat next to him.

Kennedy has two season tickets in the first row in section 223. The seat next to him was for his late girlfriend Jane Williams who passed away 5 years ago. The two shared a lot together, but hockey was their life.

Probably one of the sweetest quotes was when he said: ““I keep it because it’s her seat, she is there, she is at the game. Can you ever imagine what will happen when we get into the Stanley Cup final and she doesn’t have a seat?”

Yes, it is a coping method, but a very touching one at that.

Thank you guys for watching, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more good sports news!

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