Good Sports News: Boston Celtics Seats for Soldiers

There’s a lot of good out there, and it doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves. In an effort to be a part of the solution, I decided to report on the good that is out there in the world of sports. The Good Sports News clips here are a recap of what I publish on my Snapchat Monday-Thursday. Feel free to join along; you can find me @fisherjillian on all social media platforms!

I normally make a video of Snapchat story and post it here, but this story was mostly a clip from a sweet reunion at the Boston Celtics game. See the clip below:

Seats for Soldiers is an annual event for the Celtics. I was at the game that night, and it was incredible to see everyone in uniform throughout the stadium. However, witnessing this moment was one I won’t soon forget.

Keep up the great work, Boston Celtics, and countless thank yous to everyone serving our country.

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