Good Sports News: 105-Year-Old Cyclist Breaks World Record

The media landscape so often focuses on the negative side of news. In an effort to be a part of the solution, I decided to report on the good that is out there in the world of sports. So, every Monday – Thursday, I provide the good sports news via Snapchat. What you see here is the recap of my story. Feel free to join along; you can find me @fisherjillian on all social media platforms!

Brb, going to the gym right now!


Hi All! Today’s good sports news is a little different; it is about 105-year-old cyclist Robert Marchand.

If you haven’t heard of him, he is a French cyclists who actually had to have his own category created by the cycling union for people 105 years or older. And, he just broke a world record for speed.

He apparently pedaled 14.08 miles in an hour. The best part is he said he felt like he could have gone further if he hadn’t missed the 10-minute warning.

The craziest thing is he keeps breaking his own records. He set one when he was 103-years-old and at 101-years-old. Like, I’m not even 30 and I can’t even walk up the steps without feeling winded.

What an inspiration! Just a friendly reminder that age is just a number. And, that I need to go to the gym!

Thank you guys for watching today’s good sports news! Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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