DRUNK HOCKEY: Jagr & The Olympics

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  1. I’m 100% in agreement with you about how wrong it is of the NHL to prevent its players from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics. You’re afraid about your marquee players getting injured in a non-essential tournament, like the Olympics, and then decide to create the World Cup of Hockey – another non-essential tournament – instead?
    Did the NHL “forget” about Gary Suter’s dirty hit from behind on Wayne Gretzky during the 1991 Canada Cup.

    I hope the IOC prevents NHL participation for the 2022 Winter Olympics as retaliation.
    It would make me so happy if that wipes the smug look off Gary Bettman’s face as it would severely impact their long term plans to grow a fanbase in China if they aren’t allowed to participate in those games, either. In fact, I hope the KHL can capitalize on this poorly thought out decision and end up drawing South Korean and Chinese fans to their league instead. That’ll be some nice karma right there!

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