DRUNK HOCKEY: RATING NHL LOGOS | What Japanese Think of NHL Logos

While visiting Japan, I decided it would be fun to ask drunk Japanese locals what they thought of NHL logos. It went exactly as you’d image.

On Saturday night in Tokyo, I printed out a bunch of NHL logos and went to a popular spot for nightlife in Tokyo with my friend (and translator), Lisa. I wanted to see if anyone knew NHL logos, and what they thought of the logos themselves.

Also, I know I keep calling it ice hockey in this video. Chilllll. Hockey in Japan refers to field hockey. Deal with it 😜.

The main logos that are ranked in the video are:

– Pittsburgh Penguins

– Montreal Canadiens

– New York Rangers

– Edmonton Oilers

As always, I am curious to hear your thoughts on this topic and anything else fun that is going on in the hockey world!

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