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IMG_7912 Off the Ice Vlog – Would NHL Players Protest, Flyers Logo, Jagr Calendar, & More! - So sorry for the silence on this front! I have been spending a lot of time over at HockeyBuzz.com and


FeaturedImageKansas The Big 12 Tournament and College Basketball in Kansas City - Learning how to wave the wheat and much much more about the University of Kansas' Jayhawks and the Big 12 Tournament. Rock Chalk!

Top 5

FeaturedImages Outdoor Hockey Top 5: Why Outdoor Hockey is the Best Hockey - The Winter Classic has become a New Years Day tradition, and I am fully convinced that outdoor hockey is the best hockey. Here's my 5 reasons why.

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Out of the Park Featured Image2 Out of the Park: A New Video Series - Learn about my new video series: Out of the Park. A new and fun journey of understanding the cities and cultures from every corner of the globe as seen through sports and the fans.


Reviews Featured Image Reviews - Coming Soon- I experience a lot of places, and want to share them with you!

Behind the Lens

BehindtheLens Seattle Behind the Lens: Seattle - The following is the view of my cameraman from time spent in Seattle, WA. See more like this in the Behind the Lens series up now!